Berlin thoughts

When you step into the universe of the holocaust, you almost feel like you're falling into an abysm. The first impression you get is of something so terrible is better to avoid. But then you stop and realise how important it is to confront yourself with that. You realise how cultural dialogues can be manipulated, the power of representation and the danger of a narrative that just has one side. You understand that is fundamental to take responsibility upon acts against minorities, and that it is not about being a passive defendant of values like freedom and humanity, but also to embody them in your life, every day. In your own neighbourhood, in your university, amongst your friends, even as a reflective development of yourself. For that to happen it is important to have a general idea of historical facts, but it is especially important to experience it emotionally.

It is also about re-discovering the importance of diversity and embracing what challenge us and perhaps we don't understand. It is frightening how actual the discussion about holocaust is if we think that, as Europe faces an economic crisis, political discourses about other cultures cohabiting are going in unexpected and dangerous directions… It is so important for humanity to remember, respect and emotionally immerse in history, especially with the eyes in the future. 


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