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Berlin thoughts II

Life is unexpected. Sometimes life plays tricks on us, and puts in our way people that we needed at that specific moment. It is ironic that I can find gratefulness in such a difficult point in my life, having to deal with a great amount of new challenges, being outside of my confort zone and dealing with the loss of a close family member, without being able to be physically present.

When you have been far from home for a while, you just realise home is where your heart and thoughts are, and being together has a profound meaning that can surpass all the physical barriers. As I am living this challenging moment, I am also meeting people that fill me with hope and confirm the idea that some people have a genuine good essence, that should be nurtured and admired. Despite difficulties, life is making me cross paths with incredible people that proof to me there is no obstacle too big to overcome, as long as we are ready to face them, with bravery and a positive attitude. These people someh…

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